The Extreme Diet Hotel


We will starve you, we will exhaust you, we will stretch you to your limits, we will whip you into shape. And what will you do?... You will say thank you and pay us for the privilege - Galia Grainger

Galia Grainger, the self-confessed "diet dominatrix”, runs the Slimmeria, a weight loss retreat that promises to push its guests to breaking point in an effort to shed the pounds! The 60-year-old Russian is a weight-loss expert, known for her uncompromising methods. The latest guests to enter the Slimmeria will include bride-to-be Kirsty, keen to fit into her Wedding Dress for the big day, and Tony, a cabbie whose weight is starting to seriously affect his love life.

The Extreme Diet Hotel aired on the 5th September 2018 and is currently available on All 4.

  • GenreEntertainment
  • Duration1 x 47
  • Broadcaster All 4 Channel 4
  • CompletionSeptember 2018