Cold Call


Broadcast on Channel 5 in November, Cold Call follows the story of a single mother caught up in a fraudulent cold call scam that threatens to unravel her life.

Our four-part psychological thriller is the first original drama order for Channel 5 in four years, and we're incredibly excited to have brought this modern thriller to screens.

Written by Karyn Dougan-Buckland and Mark Buckland, Cold Call is a dark thriller set in Manchester, detailing the story of a single mother, June (Sally Lindsay), as she tries to salvage her family’s future after a phone call that changes her life. Following the death of her elderly mother and fuelled by a bubbling rage, June attempts to hunt down those responsible in order to seek her revenge. Each episode explores just how far a normal woman can be stretched when a very real threat to her - and her family's - lives presents itself. 

We’re over the moon to have the chance to continue to build the scripted side of Chalkboard with Channel 5. They share our ambition to create something darkly thrilling, which leaves you punching the air and covering your eyes in equal measure!

  • GenreDrama
  • Duration4x60
  • Broadcaster Channel 5
  • CompletionNovember 2019