Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars


This four-part documentary series for ITV goes inside the walls of six prisons to offer a sharp insight into the harsh realities of life behind bars today for thousands of inmates and staff.

Our docuseries provides a comprehensive view into men’s and women’s penitentiaries, as seen through the eyes of trainee and veteran prison officers, as well as the prisoners they deal with on a daily basis.

The series exposes what life on the inside is truly like for those involved in the jail system, by examining the daily challenges presented to staff in the midst of escalating levels of violence, additionally highlighting how officers manage to build and maintain relationships with inmates.

The seven prisons featured include: women’s facilities, HMP Send and HMP Downview, category B prisons, HMP Bullingdon and HMP Isle of Wight, youth offenders, HMP Deerbolt and HMP Portland, as well as category C prison, HMP Erlestoke.

ITV’s factual entertainment commissioning editor, Satmohan Panesar, commented: 

“With the unrivalled scale of the access, we meet people on both sides of the bars with unbelievable stories that will simultaneously fascinate and frustrate. The extremes of life on the inside, from unexpected acts of compassion to seemingly mundane scenarios that can spark suddenly into violence, will be laid bare through the eyes of those working for the prison service and those detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.”

With the remarkable range access of access we’ve been given, we’ve had a brilliant opportunity to explore this evolving role of a prison officer, and take a comprehensive snapshot of the prison service.

  • GenreFactual
  • Duration4x60
  • CompletionSeptember 2019