Troll Hunters


High-profile beauty vlogger Em Ford targets the alarming rise of online abuse in Britain by tracking down the trolls responsible.

Em Ford was a victim of online abuse and fought back. Now, with the help of technology journalist David McClelland, Em explores this very modern menace. She is on a mission to put a face to these anonymous bullies and to confront them.

The film investigates online anonymity and proves that it is possible to track down a troll. It shines a light on the real-world impact of online bullying and encourages cyber-victims to put a stop to the hatred levelled at them by standing up to their trolls.

Troll Hunters is here to name, shame and lay down the law to Britain's worst offenders and to unpick the psychology of what makes a troll tick.

  • GenreFactual
  • Duration1 x 60
  • Broadcaster BBC Three
  • CompletionJanuary 2016